Joseph Schooling Bazi - Singapore Pride and Joy

Joseph Schooling Bazi - Singapore Pride and Joy

Joseph Isaac Schooling (born 16 June 1995) is a Singaporean swimmer. He is the gold medalist in the 100 m butterfly at the 2016 Olympics, attaining Singapore's first-ever Olympic gold. His winning time of 50.39 seconds is an Olympic, Asian, and national record.

He had qualified for the 2012 Olympics after winning the 200 m butterfly at the 2011 SEA Games. He attended school and trained at the swimming powerhouse The Bolles School in the USA. Schooling was educated at the Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and is currently studying at The University of Texas at Austin, where he is a member of the Texas Longhorns swimming team, one of the top collegiate swim programmes under two-time United States Olympic men's head coach Eddie Reese. Schooling also holds the Asian and national record of 23.25 seconds in the 50 m butterfly of the 2015 World Aquatics Championships.

Let's look at Joseph Schooling Bazi further. Born in Yi Hai year, one can see he has a Direct Resource (DR) at the month branch. The direct resource star at the month branch is indicative of a person characteristic, one that is gentle, patient, responsible, strong learning ability and very analytical. According to Joseph's Father, at the age of 8, he requested for his dad to bring him to swim in the morning at 4am. Such is the beginning of a future sportsman that has great passion in what he do. Being a weak chart Wu Earth daymaster, he does not seems to have it easy in his luck pillar going through negative Output Eating God and Hurting Officer at a young age. This indicates he was working very hard during such period and had to face challenges with funding. With the earthly branch Indirect Resource at the luck pillar, he was getting good support and help from both of his parents, as well as mentors from locally and overseas. Thank you to Vincent Poon, who actually was by Joseph’s side as he grew and worked to what he is today. And because dreams are as powerful even in the dreaming, and many others who also fought alongside Joseph in Rio 2016. This begin the journey of a rising Olympian star. The Indirect Wealth (IW) indicates he is very close to his father and at the same time very well supported by his Mother with the Direct Resource Star at the month branch. The negative indirect wealth star however means the father will not be very financially strong - in this case, Joseph's Father reportedly spent almost a million US dollar grooming him and had to sell their property in the process of doing so. Their hardship and challenges were addressed in this article. Such is the true belief and sacrifices of both parents who believe in the potential of their son. You would see this Bazi chart consist 2 strong water stars, namely Ren water in the Heavenly Stem and Hai water in the earthly branch. One can say water related activities is in his blood since birth. Other industries he can pursue can be swimming coach, F&B and transportation businesses.

2016 Bing Shen Year clearly is a good year for Joseph Schooling as the presence of Indirect Resource (IR) for a weak chart balance up the chart and especially so in the month of Bing Shen month. 2012 Ren Chen year was a big disappointment for him, as he did not manage to qualify for the semi-finals after finishing poorly in his heats where swimming officials disallowed the use of his swimming cap and goggles. Ren water is Indirect Wealth (IW) to him, with the presence of wealth, it will counter Resource star, such means support for him will be diminished and this is a big letdown. Fortunately, Joseph Schooling did not let this incident destroy his dream of getting the Olympics gold medal (thanks to the Direct Resource in the month branch - such individuals breath in positivity all the time. The presence of DO (Direct Officer) in the year pillar shows Joseph will rise to fame at a very young age. The Qi flow on the chart is flowing very nicely so he can be expected for more great things in life. Two indication of Indirect Wealth star in the chart denotes Joseph is going to be strong in business and investments in the future. The good luck pillar after age 25 also clearly point to that direction as well. Some readers has requested on the prediction on 2020 Olympics. Unfortunately, in 2020 Geng Zi year, there is a clash on his Bazi, which means he will encounter a lot of mental stress and obstacles during that period. It will not be easy for him to earn a second gold medal. Even though Singapore is a very small country, Joseph has shown all of us that we can be extraordinary as long we dream and work hard for it. I hope for more emphasise and help from the government to better support our local sportsman from here on. Congratulations Joseph, I am a proud Singaporean today.

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