Two malefic planet Mars and Saturn, together with the Moon will gather at Scorpio on August 11. Based on astrology prediction, this indicate there will be large-scale of fire, explosion, gas explosion, and disasters that cause serious property damage and casualties. After 24 August 2016, Instability will increase during such times worldwide. The next chain reaction will lead to frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Taiwan, Japan, Philippines and many other regions are deem higher risk areas. It will be a challenging time for governments of many countries to deal with the external threats and disasters.

After 1st week in September, Japan is very likely to be subjected to volcanic eruption, typhoon, nuclear disasters, earthquakes and tsunami. From August 11 to early September, there can be large-scale terrorist attacks, suicide attacks and explosion in Middle-East and Europe, including the United States.

Transportation problem and accidents is at its highest point during this period including planes, ships, trains and high-speed railway, cars and trains collision. There will be widespread of diseases. Government of many countries will be put to a test to solve all these problems.

The prediction is based on astrology and planets alignment. Please be extra careful and vigilant during this period and keep a look out for each other. Share with your friends.