Singapore Land Form Feng Shui

Singapore Land Form Feng Shui

In land form feng shui, there are many aspects we look into. Mountains and rivers are the focus in ancient classical land form studies. When we look at the form of the mountain ridges, these are traditionally known as Dragons. While different forms of mountain shape and sizes give it an elemental feature such as the Greedy Wolf Mountain (Tang Lang). The veins and pulse (in Chinese we called "Xue") forms part of the landscape of the mountain. Among the veins, with the outflow of the water along it carries the embodiment of Qi. The very basic of Feng Shui, we decode it as the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix and Black Tortoise. The Green Dragon present the left side of the land that is embracing the actual site, while the White Tiger covers the right hand side of the land. The front area of the land denote the Red Phoenix which should also see streams of river leading out to the sea. The Black Tortoise represent the back of the land which denotes support. Not all rivers provides the same Qi quality, depending on the contouring of the river, meandering river vs straight river, as well as locking of the river mouth otherwise known as water mouth.

What qualifies as good land form Feng Shui is beyond just having these four primary features. Tapping on to the Qi energy is the key to unlock this. Storing the Qi energy is secondary. The naked eye cannot detect Qi, but yet Qi energy can be felt by our body natural auras and instinct. The existence of Qi resolve from the mountains, brought along by body of water in the form of stream, rivers, oceans and sea. Qi exist at every level of space, regardless it is a high rise level 80 stories building or basement underground car park. Feng Shui speak of the importance of harmonise the balance of Qi energy. A good Qi land site can be seen by the flourishing of plants, trees and vegetation. Meandering form of rivers and lake are considered auspicious in Qi, while straight and fast gushing rivers are inauspicious in nature. Not all Qi can be tapped on, some Qi will come across as negative Qi known as Sha Qi. Negative energy that clashes bring misfortune, challenges and obstacles.

Any building, room or house with four walls have the ability to contain Qi. As Feng Shui practitioners, we look at entrance and exit of Qi to balance Yin and Yang, thus shopping malls entrance, office building entrance, office and house main door is the most important consideration when it comes to a professional feng shui assessment and audit. The internal structure is deem the second most important aspect to regulating the Qi flow in an entity itself. Carefully positioned entrance door in a shopping mall that balance Qi can increase visitors by two folds, compared to an ill-placed entrance that is against negative Qi flow. Human instincts and senses are bond with mother Earth and nature, where the entrance is having negative energy, human tends to move away from that location.

The crux of Singapore Feng Shui lies in the land form and the completion of Marina Barrage in 2010. Properties price doubled with some even tripled compared to before 2010. The water exit based on San He Feng Shui is deem auspicious, exiting on Death and Extinct based on the 12 cycle of life, which is perfect for water exit. This largely also contributed to a strengthen Singapore economy as a whole in regard to ASEAN countries.

The mountain governs people while the water governs wealth. Cities that is usually surrounded by large body of water normally are the better performing cities in term of GDP and financial growth. One can look at Kaohsiung, TianJin, GuangZhou, Busan, Hong Kong, Shen Zhen, Shanghai and of course Singapore being one of the busiest port in the world. Cities that has massive Mountain tends to have huge growth of population, such as China and India. Singapore feng shui unfortunately lacks the mountain aspect in land form which contribute to one of the population growth issue the government have to work with. The highest point of Singapore is probably just Bukit Timah Hill which cannot be considered as a mountain.

To obtain the highest capacity of what is considered a good feng shui house or commercial place, we look beyond what is inside the house. Your main door, stove, bed location are secondary as compared to the surrounding of your place. The external land form and feng shui is what contribute 70% while the house internal structure are attribute to only 30%. This is one of the reason why some students questioned they have a good flying star 6,8 (based on Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui) for their main door, yet it did not meet their expectation for financial growth upon staying there for a couple of years. Worse still, one of them got retrenched after staying there for 2 years. Feng Shui practitioners can only maximise the capacity of your house or office feng shui internally if you have already committed to leasing or purchased the place. That still is better than a house that is not optimised at all according to classical feng shui techniques. Before you buy that house or office, do consult us before commitment, so we can aid you for the selection to obtain the highest capacity feng shui unit before we do the internal feng shui planning. Do kindly note that buying feng shui items such as Pi Xiu, dragon or Phoenix has nothing to do with Qi or good feng shui, one shouldn't expect miracles to happen just by placing such objects all over your house, at best it can only serve as decoration and ornament.