Hillary Clinton actual birth time is a big question mark on accuracy, so we will focus more onto the MahaDasha (luck pillar) based on Vedic Astrology.

Based on transit planets, Hillary Clinton has Jupiter in her 7th House, which is opponent house, this continues until mid of August 2016. The key focus is however that Saturn on the 8th house for 2016 create more pressure and tension, so expect more FBI probes on her private email scandal which is very likely to hurt her vote further. Her selection to represent the Democrats is aid by this Jupiter in the 7th house. Jupiter however moves into 8th house (death house) in Aug 2016. This certainly don't spell well on the actual day on election on 8 November.

Donald Trump current vedic chart show Saturn conjunction with Moon and the Jupiter in a bad position. Moving closer into September 2016, Jupiter will start to move to 11th House. The Dasha period also see Jupiter entering from 1st October 2016. With Mars and Saturn conjunction from March onward, the race gets tough in the beginning but will be supported by his Jupiter Dasha towards the end. As of such, Donald Trump is very highly going to win this election based on both candidate Dasha period. America on the whole is going through period of challenge and obstacles, so whether this is a great outcome for America remains much to be seen.