Will Nathan Hartono Win Sing! China?

Will Nathan Hartono Win Sing! China?

Nathan Hartono (born 26 July 1991) is a Singaporean singer and actor. Nathan made his debut as a singer after he won the Teenage Icon singing competition in 2005 and released his debut album, "LET ME SING! Life, Love and All That Jazz" in 2006. Nathan also ventured into acting and starred in his first television series, Halfworlds in 2015.

In 2016, Nathan auditioned for season 1 of Sing! China. All four judges, Jay Chou, Wang Feng, Na Ying, and Harlem Yu, slided their chairs around for him. He selected Jay Chou as his mentor. In the semi-final round, he was given 47 votes from the judges and 333 votes from the audience. He finished first in the semi-finals and successfully advanced to the finals which will take place on October 8 at at the Beijing National Stadium together with Xu Geyang and Jiang Dunhao from Wang Feng's team, Yang Meina from Harlem Yu's team and Wang Chenrui and Jeryl Lee from Na Ying's team.

The question now is what is his chance of winning the 8 October competition?

Hathan Hartono Bazi Chart generated by our Bazi Caculator. Generate your own chart today.

We will be Looking at Nathan Hartono Bazi chart, as we do not have his birth of timing, I will not present the Vedic astrology chart explanation. This chart clearly has a lot of creativity and unique creation as we see Eating God (EG) 未 (Wei Earth) in the month and year branch. This star is usually found in many singers or celebrities' chart such as Michael Jackson. Another attribute that we look at is Output Star (EG) which represent a person popularity and his ability to connects with fans. Successful celebrities have this star as the key element in their chart. Indirect Resource at the Month stem represents his unconventional research in music as well as serving as an intellectual star. In the heavenly stem, lack of an officer star is key to his success (though it may be present in the hour branch as we do not know his actual birth time).

The next important aspect we look at in a Bazi chart is the luck pillar, which denotes the time line, experience and journey of what the person has to go through. In Bazi consulting, this is the step we look at in pointing out a clear direction of what is happen, when it happen and the result.

Currently, he is at 癸巳 Gui Si Luck pillar which represent the 7K (7 Killing) Officer Star as well as RW (Robwealth). Being a weak daymaster, the Rob wealth star will certainly aid to his increase of revenue from multiple sources and we can clearly see this is a sign that he will make money from a career as a singer whether he win this competition or not. As I've mentioned above, having the presence of Officer star in the heavenly stem will increase his capacity in life, now it is brought in by the luck pillar with 7K (7 Killing). This forms a very good flow of the energy, one can certainly say he will receive a lot of mentor support, fame and recognition, though of course the stress level during this time increases also. Success always come with stress which is a good problem to have.

Next, we will need to look at the time line of the competition. It was mentioned on the internet the final will be on 8th October 2016. We will put up the chart below for comparison as the date itself usually is indicative of the energy that either support or present obstacles.

The month in October itself is rooted with both Hurting Officer Stars at the Heavenly Stem and Earthly branches. This deem the growth of fans and popularity, which is what he need to win in this competition. The month is a good indication of success. Next on the date of 8th October, it is 癸亥 (Gui Hai), both 7K (7 Killing) and Direct Officer (DO). Fame is written on the verdict on this day itself.

**This bring us to the most important question? Will he win this competition? **

Without the birth hour in Bazi analysis, we cannot be 100% sure (a clashes in the chart will greatly decrease his chance in the competition), but I will say based on the indication of the energy, luck pillar and time line, we are looking at a very good percentage of 75% that he can win this competition.

Hartono is the only member from Chou's team to have made it to the Sing! China final.

Now who says Singapore has lack of talent?

**PS Update - **Congratulations to Nathan for winning second in the competition. As this is strictly based on local voting system in China (not just by judges), it would be very hard to win a local. In my opinion, he has done us proud and has won this competition with securing multiple contracts and endorsement deals.